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We will send you fresh coffee beans which were roasted after your order from all over the world.


This page has written how to buy coffee beans from us.

1,How to Order
2,Delivery Service

1、How to Order

You can order this way.

 ・Internet Order
    1,Use This Web Page
    2,Use China Taobao Web Page
 ・Telephone order
 ・Come to Our Cafe and Order

In Internet can use Chinese, Japanese and English. We hope Chinese or Japanese.
If you have any question, you can contact us.

2、Delivery Service

Delivery postage is different between To Shanghai or To China(out of Shanghai). Look at this information, please.

【Deliver to Shanghai】

 Postage is 15 RMB. The postage is free if you buy more than 250 RMB.

 We deliver to Shanghai every day.
 You can chose Delivery Time. We have 3 time zone written in right.

 ・We will roast coffee beans after your order. So, we will deliver after next day.
 ・Deliver to Shanghai is 15 RMB.
(We use YAMATO TORANSPORT CO>< LTD since August 2010.)
 ・Sometimes delivery service is late because traffic jams.


Delivery time(you can choice this time)


【QUESTION(In Shanghai)】

Q I live in Gubei. Could you bring coffee beans to my home until 13:00?
A No problem. Please tell us your hope.

Q I live in home, Saturday only. Is it OK?
A No problem.
  Please write down ''I hope on Saturday.'' when you order for coffee beans to Alt Coffee.

Q I can not receive on ordinary days because I am busy.
A We will send you coffee beans on Sunday.
  Please write down ''I hope on Sunday'' when you order for coffee beans to Alt Coffee.

Q Could I change delivery time?
A Yes, you can.
  Please, return order confirmation E-mail, directly. And tell us new delivery time.
  If you are hurry, please call us.

Q I can not speak Chinese. When I receive coffee beans in my house, is it OK?
A If you are in trouble, you can call us. But our English is poor. Chinese or Japanese is better.

Q I will put my money my apartment's front. Please deliver to the front.
A I understand. We will deliver to apartment's front.
  If you have deliverly day of hope, please write down when you order coffee beans.

Q I am working in the daytime. I cannot receive.
   Can you send coffee beans to our apartment's receptionist? I put my money that receptionist.
A Yes, you can. If you have hope day, please write down when you order coffee beans.

Q I cannot find my district in order form of this web page. Can you deliver my home?
A Could you tell me this sutiation? We will try to deliver to your house.

【Deliver to China(out of Shanghai)】

 ■Deliver to China(out of Shanghai) is postage free, if you buy more than 350 RMB.
   In the case of the purchase of less than 350 RMB, you need pay the postage as follows.

In the case of the purchase of less than 350 RMB the postage as follows.
 北京(beijing)  1kg以内20RMB  それ以降1kごと+15RMB
 蘇州(suzhou)  1kg以内15RMB  それ以降1kgごと+5RMB
 黒龍江省(heilongjiangsheng)  1kg以内20RMB  それ以降1kgごと+15RMB
 吉林省(jilinsheng)  1kg以内20RMB  それ以降1kgごと+20RMB
 内蒙古(neimenggu)  1kg以内30RMB  それ以降1kgごと+20RMB
 寧夏省(ninxiasheng)  1kg以内25RMB それ以降1kgごと+20RMB
 新疆(xinjiang)  1kg以内35RMB それ以降1kgごと+20RMB
 江蘇省(jiangsusheng)  1kg以内15RMB  それ以降1kgごと+5RMB
 安徽省(anhuisheng)  1kg以内15RMB  それ以降1kgごと+10RMB
 香港(xianggang<Hong Kong>)、台湾(taiwan)  1kg以内80RMB  それ以降1kgごと+50RMB
 甘粛省、江西省(jiangxisheng)、貴州省(guizhousheng)  1kg以内30RMB  それ以降1kgごと+20RMB
 杭州(shandong)、寧波(ningbo)、浙江省(zhejiangsheng)  1kg以内15RMB  それ以降1kgごと+8RMB
 天津(tianjin)、大連(dalian)、青島(qingdao)、成都(chengdu)、遼寧省(liaoningsheng)、沈陽市(shenyangshi)、 河北省(hebeisheng)、山西省(shanxisheng)、山東省(shandongsheng)、河南省(henansheng)、湖北省(hubeiseng)、 福建省(fujiansheng)、湖南省(hunansheng)、重慶市(chongqingshi)、四川省(sichuansheng)、云南省(yunnansheng)、 海南省(hainansheng)、广東省(guangdongsheng)、广西(guangxi)  1kg以内20RMB  それ以降1kgごと+15RMB
(If you can not find this rist, contact us.)


【In Shanghai City】 It will be cash on delivery.

In Shanghai City
Cash on Delivery(cash on delivery free of charge)

【Out of Shanghai City (China)】 It becomes the bank transfer. (It is not possible to cash on delivery)

Shanghai City outside (China)
Bank transfer

If you have any question, you can contact us. →Contact
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Telephone Contact
(We hope in Chinese or Japanese.)

E-mail Contact
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